The International Collaborative Network (ICN) for N-of-1 Clinical Trials and Single-Case Experimental Designs (SCEDs) is uniquely positioned to facilitate a range of activities to further the science of individualised research. 

The ICN provides members with monthly updates about new website content including short blogs, selected papers, upcoming events and new resources related to N-of-1 trials and SCEDs. To read more about the ICN's mission and objectives please click here.

To join the ICN, click here!


One goal of the ICN is to encourage discussion and collaboration amongst members through the content and features on this website. For example, members are encouraged to use the discussion forum to:

  • Share new ideas and projects related to N-of-1/SCEDs

  • Update members about current projects, events and activities

  • Discuss key research papers

  • Ask and answer questions (i.e. methodological, clinical, applied and theoretical)


Members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the ICN website. Members are invited to write short blogs, recommend recent papers and suggest discussion topics to feature on the ICN website. Please click here for further details about how you can contribute to the ICN website. 

Recent ICN blogs

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